Super Bowl Prop Bets

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Super Bowl prop bets

Super Bowl prop bets are a fantastic way to add some additional excitement to a sports-watching experience. These bets are for fans who want to bet on more than just the outcome for their online Super Bowl betting.

What Are Super Bowl Prop Bets?

Prop bets are some of the more interesting bets that can be placed on a sporting event. With prop bets, bet on events other than the final outcome of the game, like the duration of the national anthem or total passing yards.

The pinnacle of sports excitement occurs in February 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Super Bowl 54 is one of the biggest betting days in America, and bettors all over the country are firing up legal sports betting apps to add a little risk and excitement to the game.

Bettors will be able to put money on totals and spreads as always, but another type of bet is available: prop bets. When making a prop bet, bettors are wagering on events that both relate to the outcome of the game and events that have nothing to do with the game.

Prop bets (“proposition” bets) are also known as side bets or novelty bets. That last qualifier is important: not only can you bet on small events related directly to the in-game action, but you can also bet on novelties like “will the singer make a mistake on the National Anthem” or “will there be a secret guest at the Halftime Show”.

Keep in mind that all prop bets on US-based operators will be listed as American odds, negative or positive numbers in terms of $100 bets. A positive number indicates an underdog team, while negative indicates the favorite.

Examples of Prop Bets

Here’s a set of examples detailing what kind of prop bets can be made. When making Super Bowl Prop bets, it’s going to be important to have a solid stream or a TV with good reception, because certain prop bets are going to happen in a fraction of a second!

In addition to the Super Bowl prop bets listed below, check trusted sportsbook operators for special prop bets offered by that platform. Certain operators will offer multi-sport prop bets, so check with preferred operators for other prop bet types.

Because NFL and NHL season overlap, you’ll often find cross-sport prop bets that cover hockey and football outcomes. Take a look at the operator of your choice to see if they offer multi-sport prop bets. Note that this is different from multi-sport parlay bets, which are not prop bets, but rather totals.

MVP Props

Like straight bets, MVP props are perhaps the most straightforward of all prop bets. Naturally, MVP props are simple bets on who will win MVP. They’re considered the most straightforward of prop bets. That’s because they are related to performance in sport and are an educated guess.

When betting on the MVP, use preferred sports news sites and follow the team throughout the season. Sometimes, MVP candidates can be unexpected. However, a player’s performance in a late-season game can change the whole MVP leaderboard in an evening.

QB Props

There are multiple types of prop bets surrounding the QB during the Super Bowl. For example, bets will be available for total passing yards in the game, sacks on the QB, and more. It helps to know a QB’s history before you put your hard-earned money on their performance.

QB Props are available for each team. So, bets on the QB of your choice will be available on game day. As always, take the time to follow up on your team’s QB and read the sports page on the regular. Sickness and behind-the-scenes troubles have affected QBs more than once in Super Bowl history.

Defense Props

Operators will often have defense and special teams props offered on their websites and apps. When betting on defense props for Super Bowl 54, you’re going to be betting on everyone supporting the team’s offense. That means kick returns, yards lost by the opposing team, and more.

For example, say an operator offers bets for a safety in the first half. Often, this will be noted as Safety -1H, then the odds listen. If a safety comes out in the first half, that team is likely struggling to hold down their opponents’ offense. Therefore, take that into consideration when making defense props and other special teams bets.

Coin Toss

Okay, perhaps the MVP isn’t the most straightforward prop bet. The Coin Toss prop bet involves, obviously, which team will win the coin flip at the beginning of the game. That’s it; bet on heads or tails.

It might seem easy – statistics say that heads shows up 51% of the time. Still, all bets should be taken seriously, because you’re spending your money on something that is not guaranteed!

Exotic Props

Now the fun part begins– exotic props are bets on random events in any given game. These bets can be anything. From the color of the Gatorade dumped on the coach to how long the National Anthem will last, they vary for each operator. Go ahead and download the app of choice that offers prop bets that sound the most exciting to you.

Gatorade Color Props

This is an interesting one. What color was the Gatorade that was dumped on the winning coach at the end of the game? The Super Bowl Gatorade shower has been a tradition since the mid-80s. At this point, coaches often don rain gear in expectation of a sugary shock. Current odds are placing purple at a heavy underdog: it’s assumed that purple just isn’t as popular with NFL athletes.

Hopefully, the scope of available Super Bowl prop bets is becoming apparent. Not only are bets available on game-relevant events happening on the gridiron, but bets are available on some pretty unexpected and interesting occurrences.

National Anthem Props

National Anthem props are bets on the duration and performance of the Anthem at the beginning of the game. The singer has not yet been announced, but it’s expected that a Miami-based artist is slated to open the event.

During the big game, be on the lookout for flubs in the National Anthem and get out your stopwatch. Favored Super Bowl betting apps offer odds on how long and how well the Anthem is performed. Rarely does the National Anthem go over 2 minutes, so keep that in mind.

Halftime Show Props

As of December 2019, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are slated to be the halftime show headliners. It’s a shame that online Super Bowl betting wasn’t legal during Super Bowl 36. Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” would have made a few users a lot of money.

Now, “wardrobe malfunctions” are a common find in halftime show prop bets. In addition, you’ll find other bets like “will there be a special guest”, “will there be an aerial display, fireworks, etc.” and more.

Handicapping on Prop Bets

Naturally, some bets will not be able to be handicapped, as there is no history to adjust the bet. However, some Super Bowl Prop bets do have some precedent, as mentioned above: a change in a QB’s performance or, simply, the lack of purple Gatorade are examples of prop bets that can be handicapped by an oddsmaker.

Take advantage of available publications and odds calculators before placing a prop bet. Offensive and defensive stats are readily available and can be a big factor when wagering on a handicapped prop bet, so make sure you’re making an educated guess.

How to Get Super Bowl Prop Bets Results

Results on Super Bowl Prop Bets are generally available right away. If you’re using your preferred sports betting app, those results should be updated right on your bet slip. Plus, since you’re betting on live events in the game and not the total outcome, you’ll often be able to see your results (including wins!) before the game is over.

Check for your state’s sportsbook offerings and sign on with the operator of your choice. Don’t forget to sign up for any welcome offers and introductory deals. Sportsbooks always entice new users with free betting cash, risk-free bets, or other great promos.

Live Bets During Super Bowl 54

It’s important to note that your Super Bowl prop bets need to be in before the start of the action. When placing Super Bowl prop bets, plan to have all of your wagers lined up and bets made before the coin toss.

Live betting is different, where you can place bets on the fly as the game progresses. Many well-known sports betting websites offer live betting, which allows you to place wagers during the match, not just before.

Be sure that you have set limits and are educated on the topic before you bet. Sure, some prop bets like the coin toss or the Gatorade color prop require little to no knowledge, but live bets often involve wagers on point leads, players scoring the next point, and more. Give yourself an edge by only betting on the games you can follow point-by-point, play-by-play.

Where To Make Super Bowl Prop Bets

If you’re looking to make Super Bowl prop bets, there are plenty of preferred sportsbook operators available. Only Indiana, West Virginia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey have a variety of apps available, so you’ll have to be 21+ and physically located in one of these states to have your choice of sportsbook app.

There is legal sports betting in several other states including Oregon and Mississippi, but betting is relatively restricted. If a state has a variety of legal online sportsbooks, it has been included here simply because users need to make educated choices before choosing a sportsbook. In this case, Oregon only offers a state-sponsored betting app, so it will not be listed.

DraftKings and FanDuel are two nationwide operators now offering legal online sports betting in the aforementioned states. For the sake of Super Bowl prop bets, both DraftKings and FanDuel have years of experience handling prop bets, so either is a great place to start.

February 2020 may seem far away, but the holiday season always comes and goes like a freight train. That’s why it’s a great idea to have a plan for placing bets on Super Bowl 54– set your limits, get educated on your favorite teams, and start looking at sports betting apps that work for you.